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Magnesium Deficiency – a modern scourge

Recently I experienced the benefits of magnesium supplementation… I went from an anxious, irritable person to being far more calm and anxiety free.  (Most of the time anyway, I DO have 4 children vying for my attention!)  I had experienced leg and toe cramps, and eye twitches in the past, but hadn’t for a few months before starting the supplements.  What I hadn’t realised is that the deficiency had started to affect my nervous system… the muscles didn’t matter anymore.  A visit to a local herbalist confirmed these suspicions and I went onto a treatment regime and I could feel the difference in 3 days.

Magnesium is a nerve soothing balm and helps to reduce many ailments, including headaches, fibromyalgia, restless legs syndrome, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and the list goes on.  Some people have even found relief from pain using magnesium.

Magnesium deficiency is far more common than has been thought.  Some researchers say up to 75% of the (US) population experience a deficiency in it. Imagine 75% of a country that is irritable, approaching depression, with frazzled nerves and the consequences thereof… homes breaking up, jobs being lost, road rage, etc.pexels-photo-135013

Magnesium supplementation is a safe and effective way to improve the health of many frazzled moms out there.  The aged are especially prone to a deficiency with their reduced ability to absorb minerals.  Men may find their stress levels a tad easier to cope with.

So whether you choose an off the shelf tablet, a powder  to add to smoothies, or a topical magnesium oil spray, you will certainly reap the benefits of a magnesium supplement. (Results may vary from person to person.)

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